Civic Support


The past few months have been characterized by increased political activities as ANC branches gear up towards Mangaung Congress at the end of the year.

Service delivery protests have been a day to day activity in the South African landscape and with these and other issues have come increased attacks on foreign owned businesses.  Approximately 400 foreign owned businesses in townships across South Africa have been attacked, looted or burnt to the ground by angry mobs or well organized criminal gangs in the last 2 months alone.

Local traders in townships have become increasingly frustrated and although forums were established by government to address the issue, no solution has been provided by government to date.  This has increased the tensions in townships as local business people resort to unscrupulous actions to eliminate competition of foreign owned businesses.  Police at station level report that 90 % of crime against businesses are targeted at foreign owned businesses.

It can be expected that tensions will increase as the road heads downhill  to Mangaung and with that attacks on foreigners in South Africa in general.


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