Civic Support


The Militia Trust was established in in the Eastern Cape in 1999, originally to facilitate the introduction of Military Personnel being retrenched or rationalized from the South African National Defence Force into the broader civil society. 

The project provided skills development and training in security, brick making, baking, small business skills and other fields to assist soldiers in integrating into civilian life.

The organization still maintains a strong contact with reserve force members of the South African National Defence Force, which are mostly unemployed and do few duties in the force which is their only form of income.

Our database assists especially in the placement of reserve force members within the security industry.


Between 2000 and 2003 Militia Trust began with its first youth program training over 1000 youth in the Eastern Cape between ages of 25 -35.  These youth received skills training such as mentioned above, but also became involved in the prevention of crime through Community Police Fora.  Activities included :

  • Community Policing Projects in the Eastern Cape, Mthatha, Wild Coast and Buffalo City Area.
  • Nature Conservation Personnel Training in Banhine, Mozambique.

In 2009 Militia formed the Displaced and Migrant Persons Support Program (DMPSP).  This program is geared towards assisting disaster relief and with with reducing public and xenophobic violence.

In 2010 Militia formed the Militia Youth Cadet Corps (MYCC).  The Corps is geared towards encouraging youth between ages of 12 and 19 in following a career in the SANDF, but also in being active volunteers in communities, involving themselves in civic duties and responsibilities. ( See the facebook page for Militia Cadets)
The Militia Trust is actively involved in various structures and partnerships :
  • Militia Trust and DMPSP forms part of the City of Johannesburg Migrant Advisory Panel (JMAP).
  • Is an Executive member of the Dept of Home Affairs Stakeholders forum.
  • Is a member of HANSA (Humanitarian Assistance Network of South Africa)
  • Is an Outreach Partner of the UNHCR.